Dear bread, what do you think about all the metaphors we give you? Are you really communion, community, a bridge between people and land? Much is made of the connections bread holds. There are so many people in a loaf! Farmer, miller, baker, seed saver, truck driver, grocer or bakery clerk, mom or dad making the loaf – to name a few. Fans of bread tend to mythologize the process. We love the story, and savor its telling: think of the seeds in the ground, and thank the farmers, and other people who tend to the harvest, cleaning and storage of grains – all before they are milled by a whole other crew of people. Then, we adore the baking, and the hands that gather ingredients and time, make them into dough, and guide this physical magic through rests and ovens to become stuff that is nourishing substance, and a symbol for the same. Sustenance.

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