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Thanks bunches for the inspiration! Since you included William Rubel's YouTube link, I watched the first one and was utterly entertained! Yes, bread is an invention, and I am inventing my own version of it every time I bake. I hate following rules. I look at recipes as incentives that make me want to see where the adventure takes me. I don't "do" instant yeast anymore but stick with Sir Bobby Farts-Alot (my sourdough starter) and add him to any recipe that inspires me. I have added beer wort to focaccia before. I watched The Sourdough Librarian on YouTube when he took a trip to Mexico to learn about Birote Bread and loosely followed what they did on a large scale to my "gnome-sized" breads. It was a fun quest. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ4gB6Jp4pF/

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