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I am interested in social justice and food. I am curious about how food works in our lives, emotionally and economically, practically and in its full human capacity to nourish us and our communities.

My love for pancakes led me to write a book about flour, THE NEW BREAD BASKET: How the New Crop of Grain Growers, Plant Breeders, Millers, Maltsters, Bakers, Brewers, and Local Food Activists Are Redefining Our Daily Loaf.

I lives in Troy, New York, and works with the Artisan Grain Collaborative in the Upper Midwest, and the Northeast Grainshed to create networks that support regional grains.

I love to create bridges between ideas and people through food and words, and this newsletter is the latest bridge I am building. I hope you’ll join me.

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Amy Halloran

I am a fan of bread and an avid home baker. The author of The New Bread Basket, I write about food to understand how we are connected to the land and each other.